Gasoline and the question of dependence

The gasoline shortage and the accompanying frustration, hostility between drivers competing for meager supplies, charges of institutional greed and government ineptitude, raise the broad question of just where our dependence is resting. Most of us usually look to material externals for substance and too rarely rely on our inner resources of spiritual inspiration and understanding. There is a need for a spiritual revolution, for a rapid move to more spiritual values. Otherwise we will always be mastered by externals rather than directed by God. Our adopting a spiritual basis of thought, individually, is the way to improve externals. Outward experience, Christian Science shows, tends to reflect our inner sense of things.

So material conditions shouldn't be allowed—needn't be—to dictate the level of our contentment and freedom. In reality, man is not a mortal, reliant on matter; but an immortal, reliant on divine Spirit for substance, activity, being. The works of Christ Jesus illustrate this. Spirit is self-existent and self-dependent. Man is the very outcome of Spirit. He lives independent of erratic material cycles of glut and drought. He lives as the beneficiary of Spirit's cycles of good.

June 4, 1979

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