One Saturday my husband and I were putting up our storm...

One Saturday my husband and I were putting up our storm windows when he was called away to take care of a business problem. I decided to surprise him and have the storm windows installed before his return. He had taken the screwdriver with him, so I used a kitchen knife to screw in the bolts. As I was reaching up, the knife flew out of my hand, and the blade hit my eye. The pain was intense, and I was quite frightened, but almost immediately I remembered that "accidents are unknown to God."* This is a statement from Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy that I had learned in Christian Science Sunday School and used many times. I knew that in reality I could not experience anything but God's goodness, and this truth calmed me somewhat. But I could not open the eye at all, and even the other eye was watering so that I could not see.

I managed to get into the house, put my son down for a nap, and try to pray quietly. But the discomfort was so great I finally called a Christian Science practitioner. Her assurance that my spiritual identity could never be injured was filled with love and helped ease the panic I was feeling. She reminded me that part of Mrs. Eddy's interpretation of the biblical term "eyes" is "spiritual discernment,—not material but mental" (Science and Health, p. 586), and that my discernment of God's goodness could not be taken from me. Truly, I reflected God, who is all-seeing. With her continued prayer, I began to really ponder the truth of these statements.

Testimony of Healing
Over the years I suffered with a chronic back problem and...
April 16, 1979

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