Superstitious? Not me

"We were lucky to get that house!" "Just by chance I met her." "It was an accident!" Many people do not consider themselves superstitious, yet who among us has never made such a remark? And who among us has never been taken in by so-called opportunities to profit by chance? Lottery tickets, bingo, TV money games, avid interest in astrology and fortunetelling are all obvious examples of a trend toward reliance on chance for happiness and supply.

What a range of superstitious belief there is—from lucky numbers, dates, and colors to rabbits' feet, four-leaf clovers, and wishbones. All this is evidence that many people see themselves as subject to the influence of two powers—one good, one evil. Christian Science refutes this view and reveals that good is the only power.

Before I called
April 16, 1979

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