Refuse to manipulate others!

I remember well one old movie in which the heroine used her feminine charms to get whatever she wanted. I thought at the time that however harmless this sort of thing may seem on the surface, it is a form of manipulation. Those poor fellows in their ignorance didn't have a chance against those fluttering eyelashes!

Manipulation, however innocent it may appear, is a denial of God as the only creator and governor of man. When we believe that matter governs and attracts, we are dishonoring divine Spirit. In reality the only power we have is what we reflect as God's spiritual idea. Materialism is not power; God never made anything opposed to Himself.

Most of us wouldn't intentionally try to manipulate others, but we need to be alert not to indulge in the more subtle forms of manipulation: letting the tears flow easily when we want to influence someone; pretending to agree; buttering up; playing on another's sense of loyalty or guilt. We should instead rely on the guidance of divine intelligence and express sincerity and honesty—qualities derived from the one God—in our dealings with others. We can depend on God. If a particular idea or course of action is right, it has its impulsion in Him, in divine Mind, and is brought to fruition by Mind. It does not need to be aided by manipulation. Mrs. Eddy writes, "You weaken or destroy your power when you resort to any except spiritual means." Science and Health, p. 181;

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March 12, 1979

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