Christ comes and heals

Just as Christ Jesus, centuries ago, responded to a man seeking help, the true Christian healer today can feel confident in saying, "I will come and heal him." Matt. 8:7; In the Bible story, as Matthew gives it, a Roman army officer approached Jesus, asking help for his servant. Right away the Master was prepared to go to the home of the centurion. Christ Jesus' willingness to "come and heal" symbolized something far more meaningful than a physical presence. Even though the centurion declined Jesus' offer to be personally present for the healing, this original promise was still fulfilled.

Although Jesus didn't arrive in person at the centurion's home, the spirit of his words was implemented. That is, the Christ did come to the servant and heal him. Healing was not dependent on the physical presence of Jesus. Healing occurred because the Saviour understood that the activity of the Christ—the healing power of God's ever-presence—was always available to bring transformation. Whether Jesus was personally present with patients or not, the Christ was with them, and those who sought help responded to this healing nature of the Christ.

November 12, 1979

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