Which way—medicine or Christian Science?

Most people are concerned enough about their bodies to want to know how to take care of them. Health laws have a widespread influence. But the whole premise of such laws is based on the belief that the mortal body is true substance.

Christian Science takes exactly the opposite approach, insisting that the mortal body is not the real substance of man. The way to keep the body most harmonious, this Science insists, is to keep thought off the material concept of body and close to God—to let His qualities motivate both one's thoughts and one's life. The way to healing, when the body appears discordant, is to realize the complete, spiritual nature of man as the image of God and to let this realization remove from one's consciousness the erroneous thoughts that produced the discordant condition. This in turn heals the condition. Medical theory says matter is real; Christian Science says only Spirit is real.

Vigorous study
July 31, 1978

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