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I became acquainted with Christian Science in my childhood...

I became acquainted with Christian Science in my childhood through my paternal grandmother, who was an adherent of Christian Science. My life was happy and peaceful. I didn't worry, as all our problems were solved by my parents. When I grew up, my greatest dream was to enter a university and become an architect. I studied a great deal, and Mother prayed to help me succeed. I passed the entrance examination and was radiant with happiness. Mother explained to me that the credit was not mine alone. God had helped me and I must thank Him. She recommended that I read Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy. I read it and was thrilled with it, and since then I have had a growing interest in Christian Science. The teachings of this Science help me every day in the smallest things, but two occurrences are worthy of note.

Before I was a serious student, I became ill with intestinal trouble. A doctor was called, who prescribed a series of remedies. I took them and was apparently cured. Six months later I was attacked by the same trouble. I then remembered Christian Science and its marvelous healings. I asked help of a practitioner, who reinforced what I already knew: God, Love, is perfect, and we, made in His likeness, are also perfect. Sickness is unreal; it is an illusion of mortal mind; it does not exist. I held fast to this truth and was healed. I was never again attacked by this trouble. I am immensely grateful to Christian Science for this proof of God's healing power.

October 23, 1978

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