Comfort for parents who think they've failed

There is forgiveness for everyone. It is not the divine will that any should suffer endless condemnation or self-condemnation. God provides those who break the Commandments with a means of forgiveness by revealing to them His love and the perfection of His universe, thus leading them to repentance and the abandonment of sin. He also provides a way of escape from feelings of guilt for those human beings who mercilessly condemn themselves for damage they believe they may have inflicted on others, either wittingly or unwittingly.

"I can't help blaming myself," a mother may lament when she thinks of an afflicted child or one who lacks self-discipline. Perhaps she holds herself responsible for his handicaps or delinquency because of some prenatal or natal injury, or her later lack of wisdom in rearing him. "How can I ever forgive myself?" another may say as he thinks of someone who has been injured through his carelessness or lack of judgment.

Testimony of Healing
Recently I attended a Wednesday evening testimony meeting...
October 23, 1978

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