Healing is seeing—spiritually

Healing means improved seeing! That's right, because healing is the illumination of the truth of man and the universe as Spirit, God, creates and knows them. In healing we're not changing anything real. We're simply seeing what is real—becoming conscious of it in a greater degree.

A great deal is said today about sight problems. Some people associate diminishing vision with increasing age. Others, who have worn glasses for years, expect continued deterioration. But regardless of the supposed cause, impaired sight is always a lie, because it is based on a false premise—the belief that there is life in matter. To correct this false concept we need to change our viewpoint, to look in the right direction—that is, we need to turn our gaze from matter to spiritual being. We then begin to see the illusiveness and unreality of physicality and the allness of God, good; and the result is healing. It's the same in all healing; in every instance we need to spiritualize our outlook, our vision.

Irresistible versus immovable
January 2, 1978

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