Don't Let Them "spoil the vines"

How easy it is to let character and dispositional faults pass unnoticed, to ignore minor lapses of omission or commission, which, if left uncorrected, darken and disturb thought and lead to discord in our bodies and in our relationship with others. They can be described in the colorful language of the Bible as "the little foxes, that spoil the vines." S. of Sol. 2:15;

However, thanks to Christian Science these seemingly inconsequential errors can be corrected through an understanding of God as the one intelligent Mind, or Principle, governing man's every thought and act. This is being proved every day in the experience of students of Christian Science. They are learning to put off harmful and abrasive quirks of character. Faults such as self-will, sarcasm, moodiness, impatience, irritability, oversensitiveness—to name but a few—are yielding to a higher sense of man as the reflection of divine Mind's perfect, loving nature.

The Power of the Christ Overcomes Stress
July 11, 1977

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