"...contagion is not material but mental..."

Conquering Contagious Disease

How does one combat contagious disease? How do we protect our families and our children from this aggressive type of discord? To answer these demands there are certain truths that need to be understood. One fact is that contagion is not material, that is, it isn't set up by material contact. Matter of itself has no intelligence and no power to make or cause bodily conditions. The body is the expression of thought. Whatever discordant conditions are apparent in the body are caused by the fears and false beliefs entertained by the individual, or in the case of a child, by his parents' fears and the general beliefs surrounding him.

General beliefs find receptivity in individual consciousness and may appear as contagion. Publicity about disease often tends to increase its incidence. The carrier is fear. And the effective way to stop contagion is to destroy fear. How do we do this? Christian Science teaches that it's only through an understanding of God, His presence, power, and love, that we can thoroughly destroy fear.

How Do We View Sight?
November 28, 1977

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