Cancel Animal Magnetism

Imagine that an ice cube aimed to acquire the characteristics of heat by associating with a flame. The closer it would get to a heat source, the more it would lose its identity as a cube of ice. It would melt.

Animal magnetism—the claim that Spirit is finite and man fleshly, the entire argument of matter and of life in matter—could only gain power and reality by borrowing or stealing them from Truth. But here is its supposititious dilemma: the closer evil would get to Truth, so to speak, the more surely it would be melted and wiped out. Truth's brilliance would expose error's inherent emptiness. It's good to remember this if ever in our defensive work evil seems to become more real to us. The more reality animal magnetism or evil seems to have, the closer it is to self-annihilation, to self-cancellation—like the ice cube. Error's end is inevitable, for it really has no beginning.

July 24, 1976

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