Who Am I, Really?

Ever ask yourself that question? Most of us have. It is human nature to question and to reason.

Many sense there is something more to know about themselves than they have presently discovered. Some seek to track down the ego through psychiatry or drugs. Others consult horoscopes. Still others turn to palm reading, tarot cards, spiritualism, satanism.

Christian Science—which presents the spiritual understanding of the teachings of Christ Jesus and makes this understanding practical to this age—brings a deeply satisfying answer to the question, Who am I, really? This Science teaches that man expresses God's very being. This simple yet arresting premise infers that to know ourselves we must first know God. Then we must understand what God is knowing of Himself. God's knowing results in the infinitely varied, spiritual individuality that is the real identity of each of us. This represents the verity of being, of which mortal man is but the counterfeit, so to speak. God creates by knowing; in Science He is also referred to as Mind.

Stop That Journey—This Is the Way!
June 19, 1976

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