Exposing the false gods that feed on superstition

Stop That Journey—This Is the Way!

From time immemorial many people around the world, whether educated or not, whether Christians, Moslems, pagans, young or old, male or female, have flocked in large numbers to the altars of many gods. Millions today possess fetish idols in their pockets; around their necks, waists, or fingers; in the farthest corners of their storage boxes; on their ceilings or walls; buried near their houses; under their beds; or carefully razored into their skins. Many believe, openly or secretly, that they can be influenced, poisoned, or harmed by "devils."

Even baseless superstitions are too often accepted as gods. To mention a few: the forces of the graveyards, magic, spiritualism, juju, sacrifices, fortune-telling, invocations and evocations, witches, illusionism, fetishisms, hypnotism. But these are not the products of the one supreme God, divine Spirit. They are false gods that feed on superstition, poverty, ignorance, and failure that begets more failures.

June 19, 1976

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