You Can Trust God

Is trusting God practical, realistic? Can we rationally seek or expect divine help? A clearer understanding of God shows us we can intelligently and confidently trust Him. Those who strengthen and purify their reliance on God, the one all-sustaining, divine power, stop trusting in luck.

Reluctance to trust God stems from a false concept that man is a mixture of both matter and Spirit. If we think we live in a material body and a material universe until death brings us under divine control, whatever faith we can muster is apt to be shallow and confused, or at best a last resort. Such a theory of present condemnation and future salvation provides no basis for trust. It is untrue, for nothing can separate man from God. There are not two universes, nor does man have two lives, one that must suffer and one that is to be saved. Man does not live in matter waiting to be released; he is spiritual and exists in unbroken unity with God, as His reflection.

Dominion over Fear
October 19, 1974

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