[Ability to demonstrate Christian Science comes with study and practice of the truth taught by Christ Jesus and revealed in Science and Health. This series touches upon some ways in which this truth can be applied.]

Healing by overcoming sin

In the New Testament, the English word "sin" is translated from a Greek word meaning "missing the mark." Sin, then, could be said to represent inaccurate thinking and acting—thought and conduct that is spiritually off target, willfully disobedient to the law of God, good.

Because sin—hatred, selfishness, dishonesty, sensuality—is a bland denial of God, divine Principle, and of the consequent spiritual goodness of man, it tends, in belief, to shut one out from the health and harmony implicit in the real man, God's perfect image. Sin disturbs and darkens the thought of those who yield to it, and because the body is an expression of human thought, it externalizes itself in the form of disease. Speaking of its ultimate effect, Paul writes, "The wages of sin is death." Rom. 6:23;

Seeing Man Through the Lens of Spiritual Sense
September 30, 1972

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