My introduction to Science came in 1936, when I had suffered a...

My introduction to Science came in 1936, when I had suffered a nervous breakdown. The Christian Science lecturer who gave me my first glimpse of this great truth of being was able to reach my medically-based thoughts of healing and modify them. He had been a medical doctor before he became a Christian Science practitioner and lecturer, so he was able to describe his transition from medical practice to Christian Science practice as he demonstrated to himself the absence of any power to heal in the drugs he used to prescribe. Although I was a chemical engineer by training, I had taken several night school courses in physiology and pharmacology. The lecturer was able to build a bridge for me to cross over from medical-mindedness to dependence on Spirit, God.

This change did not come quickly, because I had so many false notions to unlearn. In addition, there were many false traits of character to be overcome, and, in all candor, I must add that I am still working on some of them.

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November 25, 1972

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