There's Jam in Your House, Too

Of the various qualities making up a truly Christian life, gratitude is one of the most vital. Why? Because it is through gratitude that our "cup runneth over," as the twenty-third Psalm phrases it. We might say that without gratitude the cup is bottomless, and no matter how much is poured into it, it can never be filled, much less overflow with abundance. Gratitude bases the cup of thought, making us fit to receive the good which constantly flows from God to all His beloved children.

It may be comparatively easy to express gratitude for favors received, but how does one do so sincerely in the face of lack, sickness, inharmony, grief, injustice, and the rest of the tribe of mortal ills? Suppose, though, that we found that those mortal ills are nothing but self-deceived and self-deceiving illusions—and therefore powerless. Would not this evoke our constant, eternal gratitude?

Utilizing Divine Power
June 12, 1971

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