A Bridge to Hope

Programs that try to frighten people into giving up the use of drugs have not been very successful. Even the threat of destructive physical consequences or a prison record seldom deters people from doing the dangerous things they should avoid.

Dr. Allan Cohen, an expert in the drug field, indicates that "students are looking for meaning in life, self-discovery, investigation into the consciousness and spirit." Any program that succeeds with young people, he states, must "provide a bridge to the hope that is missing." Quoted in The Christian Science Monitor, July 29, 1970;

It appears that much drug addiction in this country among young people, far from indicating a decadent, careless disregard of life, is sign and symptom of deep, spiritual needs, an anguished longing to know what life is all about, its point and purpose.

Life Is Our Father
April 17, 1971

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