At One with Divine Love

As we read about Christ Jesus, what he said and what he did, as we think about his manner of living, we see that he was animated by divine Love. "God is love," I John 4:8; John tells us, in an Epistle inspired by the spirit of his Master, and surely Jesus knew this. He knew that Love was his Mind, his Life—that Love was the animating source and governor of the universe.

As we see this, we have the great desire to be like him, that we too may be conscious of Love as our Life and Mind, that we may know divine Love as the animating Principle of all. And through our earnest endeavor to emulate the Master, we gain some understanding of the Christ, the eternal activity of divine Love, which he so perfectly exemplified among men.

The Christ is ever present. It enables us, too, to love those around us. It causes us to know that each one is the beloved of the Father-Mother. And feeling that each one is God's loved child, that God holds each of His children perfect in His great love, we bless each one we deal with, and each one in our thought is blessed.

To Do God's Will
November 6, 1971

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