Deformity Yields to Reformation

Healing in Christian Science is essentially a question of awaking out of false belief. It is awaking from the belief that man and the universe are material and subject to material, often discordant, conditions to the realization that God, Spirit, is All, and that His creation is spiritual and perfect. The real man, the image and likeness of God, is formed by God alone, and nothing can deform God's creation. Physical, as well as moral, deformity yields to such spiritual understanding, and to purer, more spiritual, thinking and living.

In insisting on the spiritual fact of man's present perfection, Christian Science does not pretend that deformity does not exist as a very strong conviction in the minds of mortals, or suggest that the suffering so caused is simply imagination. It does not ignore the claims of material sense to reality but deals compassionately and scientifically with the distresses of mankind. It shows how the Christ, the spiritual ideal of Truth, wakes one out of the dream of life in matter to the understanding of true, spiritual being, until every belief of deformity vanishes.

"Tell it like it is"
April 25, 1970

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