Which Influence—Occultism or Grace?

The carnal mind's hatred of good and its resistance to spiritual enlightenment take occult forms in trying to hide from people and nations the true God, the God who is One and All-in-all. These forms of occultism include astrology, spiritualism, hypnotism, willpower, and efforts to influence through incantations or charms—all of which appear mystical, inscrutable, enigmatical, and baffling in nature and intent. In essence, occultism is the seeming control of evil over men's minds, both the operators' and any intended victims', claiming to strip men of their true, God-given individuality and dominion, to keep them in the darkness of despotic materialism and have them act in mesmeric masses.

There are indications that occult and superstitious thinking is still deeply imbedded in the human mentality. Some say that it has attracted more interest and support in the last hundred years than at any time since the Renaissance. Throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, occult practices are denounced. In I Samuel, for instance, we read, "Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft." I Sam. 15:23; A feeling of rebellion against spiritual good is subtly insinuated by mortal thought transfer. But through the teachings of Christian Science this influence can be silenced, and all mankind can find security and peace in spiritually enlightened obedience to divine Principle. They can feel, instead of the deadening influence of occultism, the dynamic influence of the grace of Spirit.

An Interview: on business standards
January 10, 1970

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