Measuring Man

How does the world measure man? From the evidence of the material senses we might gather that man is far from the image of God, which the Bible describes him to be. When we see selfishness, criminal tendencies, animal characteristics of hate and lust, cruelty and violence, asserting themselves in mortals, we should be quick to refute these false evidences as man, for they have no relation to him. The physical senses can give us no intimation of the man God creates. We must find him in a more transcendent sense, as a creation beyond the senses, unseen by them.

Christ Jesus displayed the true measurement of manhood. The divine nature shone through him. The power to reflect his Maker characterized his abilities. His constant compassion pointed to the fact that man's creative Principle is Love, divine Love. Jesus declared God to be the only Father of man, and he measured man by his Principle, his creator. He said to his followers, "Be ye ... perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." Matt. 5:48;

Emerge Gently
January 10, 1970

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