During the Second World War in a routine Army medical check...

During the Second World War in a routine Army medical check, my attention was drawn to a small growth in the middle of my back. The doctor explained that it could easily be removed. It soon passed from my thought. I did absolutely nothing about it until about two years ago when it became painful. I seemed far too busy with my work and neglected to treat myself as I should have done. The condition grew worse until I could not lean back in a chair without pain and had to sleep on one side. This awakened me to the need to work prayerfully to realize the purity of man as God's reflection and the impossibility of any growth outside Mind's control. This passage from Mrs. Eddy's book The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany helped me (p. 262): "God creates man perfect and eternal in His own image. Hence man is the image, idea, or likeness of perfection—an ideal which cannot fall from its inherent unity with divine Love, from its spotless purity and original perfection."

The place became inflamed and required a dressing. My wife, who attended to the dressing night and morning, was always so unconcerned about it that I just could not feel frightened. And one day when it seemed as bad as it had ever been, I got the certain feeling that I was healed. I had felt very grateful all along that it never interfered with my work. I could sleep at night, and no one else knew about it.

April 6, 1968

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