Christian Science was presented to my mother when I was just a...

Christian Science was presented to my mother when I was just a babe. Christian Science cured my mother of a so-called incurable disease. She lived forty years after the doctor told her she would live only two weeks, and she raised five children.

I have been a student of Christian Science all these years, and it has met my every need when applied as we are taught. All my problems came when I was lazy and neglected my reading and church.

Christian Science brought me through two wars without a scratch. One healing, which stands out in my mind, happened while I was in the Navy and only eighteen years old. While working in the fireroom one day, my job was cleaning and scraping the inside of the mud drums. There was room for only one person, and while in there, I was overcome with pain in my stomach. I called to the boys, and they helped me out; but I found out that I could not stand up without great pain. I was rushed to the naval hospital and put under the X ray, and then I was put to bed. About one hour later the doctor came with the X rays and said that an operation would he necessary but could not he performed until the next day. I was not in pain unless I tried to straighten out.

February 3, 1968

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