The Liberator of Men and Nations

In the world today a great deal is thought and said about liberation. Nations are struggling for freedom from outmoded or restrictive governments. Individuals are seeking release from binding material beliefs and fears and from lack and limitation of all kinds. Nations and individuals differ in methods for achieving this goal; but Christian Science teaches that permanent liberation can be achieved only through spiritual means—by spiritualizing thought and learning to acknowledge the ever-present government of God, the divine Principle, Love.

The Christian Scientist studies and prays daily to understand more clearly the liberating law of divine Love. He acknowledges the presence of the one Mind, the supreme, infinite Being, which is God, and man as His conscious, spiritual reflection. Although the world is declaring through every channel of material communication that mankind are governed by material laws, influences, and pressures. Christian Science reveals that man's true being emanates directly from the one Mind, divine Love, and is governed solely by the supreme law of Love and Truth.

Good is Omnipresent
February 18, 1967

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