When I was nineteen years old, my mother became interested in...

When I was nineteen years old, my mother became interested in Christian Science. When I was talking to her about it one day, she invited me to go to church the next Sunday. The first Sunday I found the service new and strange and interesting, so I went again the next Sunday and have been going ever since. After hearing the testimonies of healing at a Wednesday meeting, I thought Science might help me with a physical difficulty. From the time I was a very young child I had had a running ear. My mother had sent me to doctors for treatment when I was young; and when I grew older, I went to an ear specialist, but received no cure.

I studied for a year or two, but the condition persisted; then I decided to go to a practitioner. After having treatment for a short time, I was inducted into the armed services in World War I and so had to discontinue visiting the practitioner. But I kept up my study. Several months later an epidemic of influenza struck the camp where I was located. I found Christian Science a great protection. I was one of three or four in our company who were not affected. After the war was over, I was able to make quite a few demonstrations in Christian Science, but the ear condition continued on for several years until at last it also yielded. The healing came so gradually I didn't realize it had taken place until a couple of months had passed.

Testimony of Healing
Humbly and gratefully I want to acknowledge some of the many…
October 21, 1967

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