Seeking God First

Many individuals at one time or another feel frustrated because some problem they are trying to work out through prayer as it is used in Christian Science has not been solved. The cause of the frustration and the lack of good results cannot be attributed to the failure of Christian Science to heal. Christian Science deals primarily with thought, and it always heals when properly applied. Many of us are tempted to forget this when a material condition seems very real to us, because we consider matter as of primary importance.

The basic facts of Christian Science are that God is Spirit and that He is All-in-all. Matter, therefore, does not in reality exist. Having no entity and no room for being, matter has no actuality. When this fact is revealed and understood through one's study of Science or through one's prayers, one can see that matter is a concept of mortal thought. Human thinking erroneously claims that matter identifies man and is the substance of his experience. Those who are uninstructed in the teachings of Christian Science usually turn to a medical doctor to cure the body, a psychiatrist to rationalize mortal thinking, a job counselor or employment agency to exchange a bad job for a good job, a marriage counselor to make an unhappy marriage bearable.

"The Science of perfectibility"
August 27, 1966

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