The Christ in Today's World

The good that people are doing, thinking, valuing, enjoying today is the expression of the Christ, Truth. As our thoughts and actions express spiritual goodness, we establish our relationship to God as His ideas. According to Christ Jesus, this identification with what we really are earns the divine blessing. He declared: "Blessed are the meek. ... Blessed are the merciful. ... Blessed are the pure in heart. ... Blessed are the peacemakers" (Matt. 5:5-9). If this appealed to those who yearned for Truth, it also stirred them to rebellion against the dead forms of worship by which men could feign righteousness but ignore Truth.

Spiritual reality is changeless. The Christ, the true idea of Life and Love, which brings reality to human consciousness is changeless. But the Christ is constantly moving human consciousness to search for reality. Therefore mankind are outgrowing their forms of life and expression and gaining new ones. The individual is trying to find himself, and his efforts may show his yearning for Truth or his rebellion against the errors that seem to limit him. The fact that he strikes out in some directions which are not good does not mean that everything he does is bad.

The Master's Theology Heals Today
July 11, 1964

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