On rising out of darkness into full radiance of Life


The mission of Christ Jesus was to reveal the Science of being. He came to prove that God, divine Love, is man's life, and that true being, harmonious, continuous, co-existent and coeternal with God, is above mortal illusion, circumstance, or discord of any kind. He demonstrated that God is the loving Father–Mother of all spiritual creation, and that all men in their true being are His children. Jesus proved not only for himself, but for others who reached out to him for help that God is the divine Principle of all real being. From this basis he brought harmony into their lives, where before had been want and discord or illness of mind and body. He could and did destroy the errors that threatened them or to their human sense had already overtaken them. He stilled the storm, fed the hungry, healed the sick, and raised the dead.

By demonstrating the spiritual facts of man's being as idea in accord with divine Principle, Love, the son in accord with the Father, Jesus showed humanity how it must turn from the contemplation of man as mortal, subject to material limitations, to the true understanding of man as spiritual, the image and likeness of God, Spirit, having endless life.

April 16, 1949

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