The Forming of Classes

In most of our Sunday Schools the forming of classes and the placing of teachers and pupils are left to the discretion of the superintendent, who carries out certain policies established by the local executive board. In some branch churches a Sunday School committee co-operates with the executive board and the superintendent in directing the work of the Sunday School. Some of the questions which arise in connection with the forming of classes have to do with the number of pupils to be included in a class, the age range of individual classes, whether separate classes shall be arranged for boys and girls, and the transferring of teachers and pupils.

As a rule there is no stipulation in our Sunday Schools as to the size of the classes. Most teachers feel that six or eight pupils is a sufficient number for one class, and primary teachers often prefer not more than six. However, when it has seemed expedient to do so, teachers have been able to work successfully with larger classes in both the younger and the older groups. If there are pupils in a class who for one reason or another do not attend regularly, it is desirable to assign to the class enough pupils so that a good average attendance will be sustained.

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April 16, 1949

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