Consumption healed through reading textbook

The healing that brought our family into Christian Science was that of my mother, who was seeking relief from a condition diagnosed as consumption. While away from home seeking her health, she met a woman who told her that a book was published in Boston, the reading of which would heal her. She returned to New York, sent for the book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and as soon as she received it, began to read. In about three months she was completely and permanently healed, without knowing there are such people as practitioners.

In raising her family, my mother imparted to us a firm conviction that no matter what erroneous condition might come into our experience, if we turned wholeheartedly to the Bible and to Mrs. Eddy's writings, that condition would fade into its native nothingness. I remember the first demonstration I made through my own efforts. I had been attending the Christian Science Sunday School for a number of years and had learned that God is wisdom and intelligence and that man reflects these qualities at all times. I was taking my final examinations in high school, and on this day I did not seem to be able to answer any question on the paper before me. I took time out to become conscious of my at-one-ment with God and to realize that, as the reflection of infinite Mind, I could know all that was required of me at that moment. The teacher, noticing that I sat with my eyes shut, inquired if I were ill. I assured her that all was well and began the task before me. The answers came readily, and I received a high mark.

Testimony of Healing
Freedom gained from tobacco habit
February 26, 1949

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