Sunday School Notes and Comments

The teachings of Christian Science throw a new light upon the Bible, for Mrs. Eddy has given us the "key" to the Scriptures. It appears therefore that one of the most important requirements of teaching a Sunday school class is to instill into the pupils a love of the Bible and to impart to them some understanding of the manner in which Mrs. Eddy considered the Scriptures should be understood and interpreted. Correct teaching of this kind will always be found to strike a responsive chord in a class.

Experience has shown that when basing the teaching of a class on the Lesson-Sermon the teacher will find it helpful to ask the class to turn to some verse in the Bible mentioned in the Lesson-Sermon. In this way all have to look up the verse, since no one knows who will be called upon to read it to the class. This practice makes the class familiar with the books of the Bible. One member of the class is then asked to read the passage aloud, and he or some other member will then be asked to explain its meaning in his own language. If the boy to whom the question has been put shows any hesitation in explaining the passage, a similar question may be put to another boy or an answer may be analyzed. In this way the interest of the class is aroused and maintained, and every member is made to feel that he is one of the class and is contributing something towards its success. The teacher makes frequent reference to the Glossary in Science and Health and to the rendition of the twenty-third Psalm as given by Mrs. Eddy on page 578 of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

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February 20, 1943

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