My first introduction to Christian Science...

My first introduction to Christian Science was in 1923. I moved to another city and resided with a family who were Scientists. While there I was stricken with what I thought was an old trouble recurring, tonsillitis, but after two days it turned out to be quinsy. When I was a child, the school doctor sent me home three times with a note to have my tonsils removed immediately. Each time my mother firmly replied, "No knife is going to touch my child." A home remedy was applied, and in two or three days back to school I went. As I grew older I dreaded the possibility of an operation. When I was stricken in 1923, the lady with whom I was living took me in hand, when I voiced my fear, and said: "God is the only doctor you need. Will you let me help you?" I did let her help me. For several days I could swallow nothing, and the pain was intense; but after the fifth day I improved rapidly. I did not think to look into my throat to see the condition of my tonsils and did not know they had entirely disappeared. I returned to my place of employment, glad it was over, and never gave the tonsils a thought until two years later, when, on returning to my own home, I suffered what seemed to be the beginning of another attack. Christian Science did not enter my thought this time, and I decided to have the tonsils removed. The surgeon who examined me exclaimed: "How can I take out your tonsils! You have none! But a bristle from a toothbrush is embedded in the back of your throat." Closer examination revealed there was not even a sign of a root of tonsils left. The surgeon just scratched his head when I told him and said: "I never saw such a thing before. You are a lucky girl."

Recently I was freed from migraine headaches resulting from concussion sustained in an automobile accident. Twenty-two hours after the accident I regained consciousness, and heard the doctor say, "She will always feel the result of this accident." Fear gripped me. For years the doctor's words remained with me, and I experienced sickening headaches almost weekly. After attempting for two years to seek Christian Science out more thoroughly, I decided a practitioner could help me, and through that help experienced a complete healing.

Testimony of Healing
It has been over thirty-five...
July 11, 1942

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