I should like to express my gratitude for the privilege...

I should like to express my gratitude for the privilege of having had Christian Science treatment at birth. I attended the Christian Science Sunday School, and now that I have children of my own who enjoy this wonderful truth, I fully realize to what extent the truth does make us free. This realization came to me some time ago when, on moving into a new neighborhood, I found the children there burdened with many well-meant "don'ts." At first my little girl was puzzled by this attitude, but I explained that her playmates, too, were, in reality, children of God, who watched over them just as He did over everyone else.

When our little girl came to me one evening and asked to be put to bed, I gave the matter very little thought, for she had been playing hard all day. A few minutes later she became feverish and asked for a drink of water. I cleared my own thought, and a few hours later she was sleeping peacefully. The following week she experienced the same symptoms, so I asked a practitioner for help. She asked me to read in Science and Health on page 582, where Mrs. Eddy gives the definition of "children" in part, as, "the spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love." After three treatments the trouble vanished. Perhaps the most outstanding lesson of this demonstration was that all the while we were working out the problem I did not know what mortal thought had named it. When I later discovered that it was whooping cough, I asked the practitioner why she had not told me. When she explained that we do not need to give error a name, for it only adds to its seeming reality, I realized that if I had known it I should have had twice as much fear to conquer. It has helped me so much to know that God is the only Father-Mother.

Testimony of Healing
With a heart overflowing with thankfulness, I give my...
April 1, 1939

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