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"Alertness to Duty"

As the time for the June admission of members to The Mother Church approaches, one's thought turns naturally to the contemplation of the privileges and duties of church membership. Too often we associate the thought of duty with something irksome to which we yield grudging obedience. This mistaken concept of duty adhered to would rob us of the fruits of obedience, and deprive us of an opportunity to prove ourselves workmen who need not be ashamed. Christian Scientists, alert to their duty, consider it a privilege to discharge their obligations as members of The Mother Church and its branches. They quite properly construe the meaning of duty in its relation to the promotion and extension of Christian Science to be "an obligation," as Webster puts it, "to obey divinely revealed law." This construction applies particularly to those duties which come under the accepted law of the Church, as set forth in the Manual of The Mother Church. All of these are important, but none more so than those contained in Section 6 of Article VIII, in which we are admonished not to be made to forget nor to neglect our duty to God, to our Leader, and to mankind.

It has been made plain by the Master that our duty to God consists in loving Him with all our heart and all our soul and all our mind, and that our duty to mankind is fulfilled by loving our brother as ourselves. Inasmuch as obedience to these commandments furnishes the true incentive for spiritual healing, taught and practiced by Mrs. Eddy, it follows that the observance of them is the first essential in discharging our duty to her and proving ourselves useful in the practice and extension of her teachings. In thus doing we are but emulating her example. Our Leader proved her love for God and man by healing the sick and redeeming the sinner. Moreover, she was ever alert to introduce and explain her teachings to the receptive thought. As beneficiaries of her labors, are we awake to every opportunity to introduce Christian Science to others? Do we realize the importance of pointing out the privilege of church membership, and the advisability of joining not only The Mother Church but one of its branches? When tempted to neglect our duty in this respect, we should stop to consider how our own lives might have been affected had not someone put forth the effort to acquaint us with Mrs. Eddy's teachings, and start us on the one way out of our difficulties. There is still need for this kind of individual effort, and the need will continue until Christian Science is universally understood and demonstrated. Recognizing this, Mrs. Eddy wrote in "No and Yes" (p. 11), "To be appreciated, Science must be understood and conscientiously introduced."

Bible Notes
April 1, 1939

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