The Battle Plan

That something higher than merely material ways and means is required to solve intricate individual and world problems, is commonly recognized today, for mankind has many times been brought face to face with the fact that there is no solution of individual or general difficulties, of any satisfactory or permanent character, when sought from the human standpoint. This should not, however, give cause for apprehension, hopelessness, fear, or anxiety. Rather should we rejoice and give thanks to God that the very failure to find peace, happiness, justice, unity, and prosperity through material methods is compelling men to rely on Him alone in whom order, law, justice, and harmony reign eternally, unmarred by the chaotic and discordant experiences of material existence.

Christian Scientists are proving, in some measure at least, that it is not by the power of the tongue, human will, reliance on personal influence or leadership, that successful progress can be made and harmony obtained, for mortal mind, so called, is powerless to extricate individuals, communities, and nations from difficulties for which this so-called mind alone is responsible. What, then, should be our battle plan?

January 7, 1939

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