Lessons from an Object Glass

It was the privilege of the writer, one clear evening, to direct a powerful telescope upon one of the tiny specks of light which shone in the heavens, set in motion the clock-regulated machinery designed to keep this speck in the line of sight, and gaze upon the planet Saturn. There appeared in the object glass of the telescope, not a point of light, but a distinct globe encircled by a ring of light. So distinct and near seemed the planet, and so sharp the contrast between its appearance through the glass and to the unaided eye, that the effect was as if the observer were witnessing the sight, not from the earth, but from the midst of interplanetary space. This experience has since appeared to him as a type of that much more frequent experience which comes to the Christian Scientist when he refreshes his view by a deliberate turning away from the immediate testimony of the senses to contemplate the wider vistas of Truth.

The perception of man's true relationship to God, as this relationship is seen through the lens of Spirit, turns us away from the welter of false laws, false desires, false obligations, to our vision of that ultimate state—which we are proving is actually our true present state—into which the testimony of material sense cannot intrude.

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