Divine Aid Always Available

Through the understanding of God which Christian Science gives, an ever increasing number of people are proving for themselves that divine aid is always available to meet the human need, whatever it may be. It is true that God is ever the same; that He has ever been available; that in the past, and long before Mrs. Eddy discovered Christian Science, men had recourse to Him in their trials and received His compassionate aid. It is true that Christ Jesus, long centuries ago, utilized divine power in a truly marvelous fashion, through his understanding of God and divine law. But never until Christian Science was given to the world was it made clear how anyone might scientifically avail himself of the power of God, and not on certain occasions only, but at all times.

Christian Science teaches that God is infinite Mind. Because God is infinite Mind, He must be omnipresent—everywhere present. Christian Science also teaches that God is good. It follows, therefore, that good is omnipresent—everywhere present. And since God, good, is everywhere present, the opposite of good—evil—is in reality present nowhere. In other words, evil is unreal. Let the one who would understand how divine aid is always available become convinced of these truths, and he will not long remain ignorant of the divine process.

June 15, 1929

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