When I began the study of Christian Science I was suffering...

When I began the study of Christian Science I was suffering from an acute kidney trouble, and the muscles and nerves of my body were slowly becoming paralyzed. I was also suffering from extreme nervousness and poor eyesight. But above all, I was suffering from thoughts of selfishness, hatred, criticism, self-righteousness, ingratitude, and so forth; and I soon discovered that these were the things that had to be cast out. My first healings were slow, and the night seemed long; but the demonstrations were made with the help of a loving practitioner. Since then I have been healed of many erroneous conditions, one being a mental disorder bordering on insanity.

I am very grateful for the physical healings, but I am especially grateful for the spiritual understanding gained through the study of Christian Science, and for the love it is teaching me to express in my daily life. It is teaching me that I live to give, not to get, and that my prayers must be prayers of gratitude and love for God and man. Whereas I used to hate my work, Christian Science is teaching me to express love through my work, and above all to see my neighbor as a child of God.

Testimony of Healing
I send this testimony in the hope that it will cause others...
June 13, 1925

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