The Divine Purpose

Every activity in the Christian Science movement has a divine purpose. No one can doubt this if the privilege has come to him to take part in any one of the varied activities of our church. Mrs. Eddy says in the Church Manual (pp. 44, 45), "God requires our whole heart, and He supplies within the wide channels of The Mother Church dutiful and sufficient occupation for all its members." Here is provided a great opportunity to give. As thought is awakened to see something of the grandeur of the divine purpose of our movement, that it means nothing less than the complete redemption of mankind, the desire is immediately aroused to give support to this purpose, to help in the work which must finally meet all human needs. But where, one asks, may I give my support? What is my special work in this great plan of salvation?

The unfolding of the purpose of God is far more wonderful than can be apprehended by human thought. Of God alone can one learn of His design. God is ever present divine Mind; and therefore His plan for each of His ideas must be completely in evidence now. Human thought, however, has to become unselfish, pure, honest, in order to perceive the divine purpose. Through the prayer of unselfish desire, thought becomes purified and God's purpose begins to appear. Perhaps it begins to appear first of all through an experience of healing. As one turns in dire need to Christian Science for the healing of disease or sin, there comes that wonderful experience which shows that God is a living God, and that His intention for His child is only good. Relieved of some heavy burden, thought joyfully exclaims: What may I do for Thee? Then watchfulness is added to the prayer of true desire,—watchfulness to know and to do God's will.

Dispersing the Clouds
May 2, 1925

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