Dispersing the Clouds

Why not let the winds of God blow away our mental storms as the wind clears the sky? Do we dare say that the power to do this is not with God, or that mental storms are more difficult to disperse than the clouded atmosphere behind which the sun always shines with glorious splendor?

The writer has more than once witnessed the readiness of the clouds to disappear in response to a brisk wind which prevailed but for a few moments before the sky cleared, and even when the clouds not only had seemed very heavy, but had been shutting out the sun for days. Was the sun less bright when it finally appeared? Quite to the contrary, it seemed brighter than ever; for mortals were glad to see it. They were very willing to receive the light, and to be released from the gloomy thoughts induced by the dullness. Similarly, with each mental storm dispersed, comes the gladness of seeing more truly the brilliance of man's spiritual existence; and with the new vision we are able to lift not only ourselves, but others also.

Love and Nature
May 2, 1925

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