"Worship God"

All through the Bible men are enjoined to worship God, and Him alone. From the time the Almighty said to Moses, "Thou shalt worship no other god," to the day when the angel, in Revelation, rebuked John for attempting to worship him and commanded John instead to "worship God," the Scriptures emphatically portray the importance and necessity of bestowing all homage upon the one infinite creator.

In spite of this, men have by no means confined their worship to Deity. In this, as in most things, their thinking has been of so slipshod a nature that they have rarely stopped to consider how carelessly they have used that which should have been given to God. Men have not only paid deference to what they have believed could help them materially, but they have also bowed down to that which they have fancied might harm them. They have not been awake to the fact that whenever they have feared, they have worshiped what they feared. When fear seemed to control, it was because of a belief in some claim of evil as power; and to acknowledge anything as power is immediately to bow down to it, to honor it, to worship it.

Compromise with Truth Impossible
June 16, 1923

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