Taking Sides

When Jesus commanded the disciples to cast their net on the right side, he certainly did not imply that an abundance of fish would necessarily be found on the opposite side of the dory; in fact, his meaning was far from that. It was needful for them to be taught to acknowledge God first as the source of all good, and when they did so success was at hand. There is no difference in Jesus' time and ours; every man, woman, and child is constantly under the injunction to cast on the right side. Scarcely an hour passes that we are not forced to take sides either in thought, word, or act. How often one is asked, "Do you think it right to do thus and so?" Children, perhaps no more than their elders, are guided either consciously or unconsciously by the decisions or words of others. If every one could know the exact relation his example has to the lives of others, how infinitely more careful he would be to cast every thought on the right side. A doubting, hesitating, or faltering course does not give the needed support. In our daily dealing with one another it is therefore absolutely necessary to have a fixed standard of right ever at our command, lest we wrong or be wronged. Perchance one contemplates making a purchase at what he believes to be a bargain, and if the justice of divine Principle, God, had been given frequent hearing, it will not be long before the voice of justice is heard asking: "Are you sure that you are not trying to get something for nothing in this bargain? If such is your desire, you are entertaining a thief, and if he will steal for you, he will also steal from you. Now, therefore, choose."

So long as one must strive against false, educated beliefs, the command will be, "Choose you this day whom ye will serve." It would not be difficult to take sides were we in the presence of one who spoke slanderously of a true and faithful friend. To remain neutral in such a case is absolutely untenable, for such neutrality is nothing short of double-mindedness; but, on the other hand, honor, justice, and love would summon us to the defense with all the refutation and vigor of which we were capable. Are we as prompt to take sides for God when mortal mind speaks slanderously of His reflection, man, calling him deformed, sinful, and mortal? Do we side with mortal mind, forgetting that "one with God is a majority"? When error seems rampant and the day out of joint, the least we can do is not to add more weight to the false evidence.

Inquiring of the Lord
July 16, 1921

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