SUPPOSITIONAL mortal consciousness, which psychologists and other people have believed to be mind or a phase of mind, capable of lapses into unconsciousness or semi-consciousness, and divisible into parts, one of which has been called subconsciousness, is not true Mind. Strictly speaking, it has none of the qualities of real consciousness, but is a mere hypothesis, supposing itself able to substitute itself for the divine reality. Yet that it should even seem to be shows that there must be the reality which it claims to imitate. In other words, true consciousness must exist, must be the one provable entity, quite apart from the evidence of the senses, and must continue to exist throughout all eternity. Spiritual consciousness is indestructible, because it includes no element of destruction, and because there is no power outside of it that could really even attack it.

The hypothesis of mortal consciousness and mortal living generally can be improved, then, only as it gives way to the indestructible and unlimited reality of being. Christian Science is to-day bringing to humanity the truly evangelical good news that mortality, with all its discords and limitations, can indeed give way to the true Mind and its omnipresent manifestation. Thus is the thought of mortals uplifted from the materialistic beliefs which they have found so unsatisfying, and turned to the real Life which is infinite with spiritual variety. The only redemption for mortality lies in the complete replacement of it with immortality, for no lingering trace of mere human belief can endure in the presence of the truth.

Testimony of Healing
In the year 1913 we traveled from South America to...
June 25, 1921

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