[Written for the Sentinel]

The Awakening

When in an early morning hour
I gazed across the sky,
Reflected there I saw the power
Of Him who reigns on high.

As broke the sun's first morning beam
Forth from the shades of night,
I seemed to waken from a dream;
My heart was filled with light.

I stood and watched the rising sun
As brighter grew the morn,
And praised the Lord for victories won,
For thoughts of Love new born.

And as I gazed across the skies,
The love reflected there
Touched my cold heart, tears filled my eyes,
Love chased away despair.

Dear Christ, as we at early morn
Awake from dreams of night,
May we each day awake new born,
More clearly see the Light

Which quickens hearts new filled with Love,
And render every hour
True gratitude to God above
Truth, Life, and Love, All-power.

Trust in Principle
April 9, 1921

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