Signs of the Times

["Face to Face"—The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, U.S.A., Feb. 3, 1921]

Christian Science may be said to be a religion of seeing face to face. Through an application of its teachings all phenomena are scientifically traced to their true source. All false beliefs, which are responsible for the bondage in which humanity finds itself, are dissolved by an understanding of the truth. Sickness is thus replaced by health, sin by holiness, and discord by harmony. Thus does the light of true knowledge, born of the divine Mind, dispel the darkness of mortal beliefs. And one sees, perhaps for the first time, that success in Christian Science is to be gained in the measure that one abandons the utterly false beliefs, predicated on life in and of matter, and puts on the new man, "which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness." Thus does a man strip off his disguise, as of the earth earthy, and he sees himself as man, the perfect image or reflection of God who is infinite Mind, Principle, and therefore not subject to any of the ills and limitations imposed by the so-called carnal mind. He is commencing to see face to face, to maintain his knowledge of God as infinite Spirit and man as the expression of Spirit, and therefore wholly spiritual. Scientific discernment alone lifts him into spiritual understanding, which he supports by actual demonstration. This true knowledge enables him to detect the chaff of ignorance, or materiality, and to separate it from the wheat of spiritual perception. Thus he finds that God is the sole activity, the one and only cause. He will rejoice, for he will have awakened to see himself as man, spiritual, and not material, created in the likeness of Mind, God, not theoretically, but actually and practically. He will recognize further what he previously failed to grasp, while accepting the testimony of material sense,—that, being a spiritual idea, man has always dwelt, is now dwelling, and will forever dwell in the domain of divine consciousness or Mind, and nowhere else. Through this metaphysical knowledge, or direct seeing, he will soon behold the fruits of the Spirit, expressed through love, peace, contentment, health, and harmony. He will know, for all time to come, that in reality the kingdom of heaven is here and now, on earth "as it is in heaven." And all the beliefs that have hampered his growth Spiritward, he will see, have no existence, in fact, for they must be outside of the realm of infinity, the one reality, which is impossible.

April 9, 1921

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