Signs of the Times

[Arthur J. Balfour as quoted in The Boston Herald]

"But there is something in this scheme [the disarmament plan] which is above and beyond numerical calculation. There is something which goes to the root which is concerned with the highest international morality. This scheme after all—what does it do? It makes idealism a practical proposition. It takes hold of the dream which reformers, poets, publicists, even potentates, as we heard the other day, have from time to time put before mankind as the goal to which human endeavor should aspire. A narrative of all the attempts made, of all the schemes advanced for diminishing the sorrows of war is a melancholy one. Some fragments were laid before you by our chairman on Saturday. They were not exhilarating. They showed how easy it is to make professions and how difficult it is to carry those professions into effect.

December 10, 1921

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