Elevation is often thought of as great height, altitude, or a place that is so high that to attain it necessitates a long and hard climb up a steep acclivity by a path that zigzags in and out and over huge bowlders and rocks. After climbing and climbing for a long time one reaches a high peak and from this peak sees another farther away which is higher, so high that only two or perhaps three have gained its summit, and from this higher summit another peak may be seen that has never been climbed. As the immensity of the space about is contemplated, the realization can come that elevation has no boundary nor limit, that it is not a finite something to be measured or obtained by climbing, for it has been observed that "the farther one goes the farther one may."

Since true, spiritual elevation is not finite it naturally must be infinite, and if infinite it has no starting point and no end and is at the bottom of the sea as well as on the mountain top. When the fact is realized that elevation has no boundary, no beginning, and no end, the knowledge is gained that the real elevation is everywhere. The Bible teaches that God made all things "and without Him was not any thing made that was made." Therefore God made the true, spiritual elevation, which is quite apart from any earthly sense of things, and as a creation of God it is a manifestation of Him; it is constantly manifested and is inseparable from His infinite expression or activity. God is Spirit and His manifestation is spiritual; hence elevation is never realized by climbing an ascent by a zigzag path that leads hither and yon, but is gained by a straight and narrow path, by the knowing of the truth that leads ever onward and upward through Spirit. This path never deviates from Principle and in this path there is no need to climb and to strive to gain elevation, for elevation is in every part of this path and elevation is realized through the quiet and joyous knowing that the straight and narrow path is the reflection of God, that it is ever present, and that there is no place in which to make a single move except in this one path—the path of God.

The Holy War
December 10, 1921

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