On page 8 of Mrs. Eddy's Message for 1900 we are given, in a short and concise sentence, a veritable bugle call to right activity, when she says, "Learn to obey; but learn first what obedience is."It is obvious that the student of Christian Science must gain a practical understanding of what constitutes obedience before obedience can be intelligently practiced, and it is also apparent from the foregoing counsel, as given by Mrs. Eddy, that she had found the generally accepted idea of obedience to be an erroneous one, based upon a belief in the supposed necessity for obeying material belief in all its forms. Knowing the pitfalls of such a concept she urges upon every sincere Christian Scientist the wisdom of learning what right obedience is and then applying this right concept in all his thinking and living, thereby fitting himself to take, in their order, the upward footsteps which form the paths of progress and to experience for himself the blessings which follow right obedience.

Through the teachings of Christian Science the oneness of the infinite Mind, God, is revealed, and with one Mind, God, the only creator and author of the universe, there can be but one right idea of authority, but one to whom obedience is rightly due, and that is to God, Principle. Then man, the expression of God, can never in reality be anything but rightly obedient because he constantly reflects and expresses the government of Principle. It is only as one learns to conform to the absolute, to turn constantly away from or reject as consciousness all that is unlike God, good, and consistently to accept as consciousness only that which has its origin in God, good, and is therefore perfect and complete, that he is demonstrating obedience. Here is plenty of employment for the student of Christian Science who is seeking spiritual growth, for he must constantly watch his thinking to see that he is seeing man as God sees him, untouched by any seeming evil. By expressing in all his relations, whether they be in his home, his church, his business, or his friendships, only that which is of God, a man can be harmonious, just, generous, and loving.

The Past
November 12, 1921

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